op eagleThe greatest gift of the Most High, next to life, is the gift of the mind and the things we can create with it. Culture is the manifestation of this gift. Art is a manifestation of Culture, and has always been important and a part of how we show praise. It has also been important to the development of humanity in society. Culture is the heart of the people and an expression of Jah energy in us. "As well the singers as the players on instruments shall be there: all my springs are in thee."

Olufunmi Presents was born out of this philosophy. From its beginings in 1978 it has been the focus of OP to be a movement to support and spread art and positive cultural events of many types and cultures and bring people together to experience them. We offer event coordination, production and promotion, as well as artist management and support through our arts management group, AO Management. OP is also a fundraising function of the Order of Olufunmi, to help fund the community programs and projects of the Order. To that end we have always partnered with and helped other grassroots organizations with benefits and events of all kinds


Olufunmi has always been at the forefront of the reggae music movement since its beginings in the Western U.S. We were also a major part of the punk and newbunny wave movements which transitioned into Ska. Olufunmi Presents was the first to combine these music genres in events, like our infamous "Punk Giants Meet the Reggae Monsters" concert series. The Temple Beautiful(1839 Geary), Folsom Street Studio, and the American Indian Center and Reggae Street, all great venues from the San Francisco music scene's historic past were started and made famous by OP. We also were an intergral part of the beginings of Hip Hop on the West Coast, working with and presenting many of the early artists like Afrika Bambatta and Chuck D, the Funketeers, Rock Box, the Funky Fresh Crew and others.

punk vs regOP has always been a leader in social consciousness in music. We were part of the founding of Rock Against Racism in California and of the Free Geronimo Pratt committee just to name a few. We sponsored concerts and benefits for various community based organizations, as we did when we presented the Clash with New Youth Productions.

OP has also done and supported many tours for many top artists, especially first time, introductory ones. Our crews have supported groups like the Mighty Diamonds, Bad Brains, the Slits, the Meditations, Obo Addy, The Ethiopians, the Gladiators, Errol Scorcher, Sugar Minott, the Untouchables, Dead Kennedys, the Rastafarians, the Units, It's A Beutiful Day, and on and on. Many of our crews have gone on to be tops in their fields.

We held the very first Birthday tribute to Bob Marley after his passing. We worked with Petert Tosh on his first and only tour to California. We brought Ras Michael and the Sons Of Negus to California on the first independant reggae tour.

In 1994 we relocated with the Order to Sacramento, California, and in 1999 we put on the first reggae festival ever put on in a public park in Sacramento. As the Order focused on building a presence in the community there, and moved towards its social mission, OP took a back seat and was quite for a while. During this time our artist management division AO Management continued to work with artists and doing tours

In 2010 we started up again at the Full Circle Farm where we did a series of events while we helped the owner and one of our Church members fight 420U.S. Bank's fraudulant attempts to take the property under an illegal foreclosure which turned into an illegal sale.We miss the FARM terribly. We hope to have a new "Farm" in the near future.

Now, OP reorganized bigger and better, but with the same focus and family style, moves forward. We will now begin holding benefit events for the slits

Order of Olufunmi, our parent organization. JAHarvestfest 2016 is our return to prouctions and festivals. As usual we are matched with our parent organization's mones in the community. We have set the home for this event in Stockton, California, where the Order will be extending it's servies. We are also once again offering tour support and management. We are planing the next West Coast tour for our close friends and partner, Bull Wackie Barnes, and the Wackie Rhythm Force, and for the youngest son of the late Peter Tosh, Tosh 1. All represented by AO Management, which is working again, and representing some awesome artists. Our volunteer Director, Bro Keon Johnson, is building community based programs focused on youth. We of Olufunmi Presents say this is a great day and a great spot to carry out our mission of “Oneness and Unity Through Culture”. Much more to come!!!!